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seanrima's Avatar

GPG Mail: Groups line ignored

resolved 4 15 Sep, 2020 07:54 PM by Steve
Raqqman Jenkins's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Date PGP Key was added

resolved 1 14 Sep, 2020 03:53 PM by Steve
John's Avatar

Decryption Failed no Secret Key Error for GPG4WIN version 3.1.13

resolved 1 14 Sep, 2020 01:15 PM by Steve
Nicholas Kasprinski's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Not saving passphrase to macOS Keychain

resolved 1 09 Sep, 2020 12:15 PM by Steve

GPG Suite Preferences: Remove System Preferences

resolved 1 05 Sep, 2020 06:15 PM by Steve
samba8214's Avatar

GPG Mail: Bug systeme

resolved 1 04 Sep, 2020 10:04 AM by Steve
csamsi's Avatar

Can I just add the fingerprint to the end of my email?

resolved 1 02 Sep, 2020 11:21 AM by Steve
Dominik Krnčević's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Language

resolved 1 28 Aug, 2020 03:57 PM by Steve
HJ's Avatar

10.9: GPGServices uninformative Growl message (was: Latest nightly of Services crashes upon validation)

resolved 9 28 Aug, 2020 03:29 PM by Steve
Matteo's Avatar

GPG Suite Preferences: [LOW] - Typo in italian translation

resolved 1 24 Aug, 2020 10:49 AM by Steve
p.millson's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Pass phrase rejected

resolved 3 24 Aug, 2020 09:36 AM by Steve
almuawak's Avatar

GPG Keychain: error while searching...

resolved 1 23 Aug, 2020 02:34 PM by Steve
Lutz E's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Kein Open GPG

resolved 1 21 Aug, 2020 04:58 PM by Steve
Bernd Lohrum's Avatar

GPG Mail: MailTrackerBlocker causes Mail to crash when OpenGPG is active

resolved 4 19 Aug, 2020 08:24 PM by Steve
Ted BARBEN's Avatar

1. how to transfer my keys from an old mac and 2. how to update expired public keys

resolved 4 17 Aug, 2020 02:43 PM by Steve
Kirill A. Korinsky's Avatar

GPG Mail: Can't enable mail plugin

resolved 8 17 Aug, 2020 01:09 PM by Steve
Georgio's Avatar

GPG Mail: No more GPG in Mail/Preferences

resolved 2 12 Aug, 2020 07:27 PM by [GB] Georgio
Anthony's Avatar

GPG Keychain: GPG export not working using GPG Suite 2018.3

resolved 1 12 Aug, 2020 04:54 PM by Steve
Michael Horwath's Avatar

GPG Mail: Not showing up in

resolved 6 11 Aug, 2020 10:01 PM by Steve
Ian's Avatar

GPGSuite_Updater [61053] causing iMAC27 to crash

resolved 4 11 Aug, 2020 09:57 PM by Steve
Alfonso Tesauro's Avatar

GPGMail Apple Plugin Catalina compatibility

resolved 1 11 Aug, 2020 09:22 PM by Luke Le
Ahmad's Avatar

MacGPG: import of secret keys is stopped as soon as a wrong password for one of the secret keys is entered (was: unable to import keys)

resolved 1 07 Aug, 2020 05:02 PM by Steve
Mani's Avatar

How to install GPG suite in Ubuntu 18

resolved 1 29 Jul, 2020 12:02 PM by Steve
Neil's Avatar

Keeping public keys in sync / symlinking ~/.gnupg

resolved 2 27 Jul, 2020 11:42 AM by Neil
Alex's Avatar

GPG Services: Error 152 - Decryption Failed

resolved 3 23 Jul, 2020 09:28 PM by Steve
Admin's Avatar

GPG Services: Decryption faild code 38

resolved 2 13 Jul, 2020 05:03 PM by Steve
Ali S's Avatar

GPG Keychain: Can I update the passphrase / password of my OpenPGP key after it has been created?

resolved 1 13 Jul, 2020 04:13 PM by Steve
Helmut K. C. Tessarek's Avatar

can't compile on command line

resolved 17 08 Jul, 2020 09:13 PM by Helmut K. C. Tessarek
gpg_dude's Avatar

Issues with drafts not decrypting when "left open" and is restarted (and passphrase not provided upon startup)

resolved 3 08 Jul, 2020 04:03 PM by Steve
gpg_dude's Avatar

GPG Mail: switching email addresses for a recipient does not trigger GPG to encrypt when possible

resolved 6 06 Jul, 2020 04:22 PM by Luke Le

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