How can I generate debugging information?

Generate GPGTools Debug Log

To send a debug log open System Preferences > GPG Suite > Contact Support and tick the checkbox to Include diagnostics. Should you already have an existing discussion on our support platform for your problem, make sure to include the link to your existing discussion in the report.

General debug information

open /Applications/Utilities/ > Show Log List > All Messages

If we explicitly ask for the "Extended variant" please enabled debug logging.

How to Enable Debug logging (For development or debugging only):

Enable Debugging

defaults write org.gpgtools.common DebugLog 1

Disable Debugging

defaults write org.gpgtools.common DebugLog 0

ATTENTION: Make sure to disable it as soon as possible after, since decrypted messages might be
logged and these log files stay on your harddrive!
To delete the logs, best delete the /private/var/log/system.log* files

Crash Reports

open /Applications/Utilities/ > Show Log List > DIAGNOSTIC AND USAGE INFORMATION > User Diagnostic Reports > Mail_201xxxxx (or similar)

Generate GPGTools Installer log

If you are having issue installing GPG Suite or components of the Suite are not showing up on your system, please help us find the problem, by following these steps:

  1. mount GPG Suite.dmg and double-click 'Install' Icon
  2. select Window > Installer Log from menu bar or use shortcut ( ⌘+L )
  3. in new window, switch to "Show All Logs" in the top left dropdown
  4. proceed with installation
  5. when installation is done do not close installer yet: first go back to the Installer Log window and click the 'Save' Icon at the top right
  6. save the log to your desktop and either create a new discussion or add the log to your existing discussion as attachment