Add more email addresses (user IDs) to your existing key

It's common to have several email accounts nowadays. After creating your first key your key is usable for that single mail address you used. If you have other email addresses you also want to encrypt emails with, you can

a) add your other email addresses to your existing key or
b) create additional keys

Important: Note that all email addresses you add to a single key can be connected to one identity. Depending on your use-case this might be wanted or should be avoided. Please consider that first and then proceed.

  1. double-click the sec/pub key, to which you want to add a User ID
  2. key details will open - select the "User IDs" tab
  3. click the "+" to add another email address as User ID
  4. a dialog opens in which you enter Name and email address, we recommend to leave the comment field blank
  5. click "Generate User ID
  6. Pinentry will ask for your passphrase


Repeate the above steps to add as many User IDs as you need. Since you now have several User IDs, it is recommended to set the most commonly used address as primary User ID. To do that:

  1. select the User ID you want to set to "Primary"
  2. click the cogwheel (next to the "+")
  3. select "Primary"

Important: If your key is on the key servers, don't forget to upload your updated key via menu Key > Send to Keyserver (⇧⌘K). Otherwise the change will only be local and your contacts can't benefit from the new User IDs.