How to find and share your public key

Locate your public key

After creating your key GPG Keychain lists both your public and secret key. Your own key is listed in bold and Type column shows sec/pub. Your friends public keys are listed as pub.


Share your public key

1 Key server

We recommend uploading and verifying your key. That way it is easy for your friends to retrieve your public key.

2 Email public key

From the menu bar select Key > Mail Public Key… (⇧⌘M)

A new draft with your public key attached is created. Subject and message body are filled with an explanatory text, informing the recipient how to handle your public key.

3 Email signature with public key

Why not add your key fingerprint to your email signature? That way you can establish trust and should your key setup ever change, your contacts will have an easy time identifying the change. In case you do not use key servers, consider uploading your public key file and link to that file in your email signature. There are many ways to solve key distribution - be creative or ideally use the key servers.

4 Export public key and view it in text form

  1. open GPG Keychain and drag your sec/pub key to your desktop
  2. an .asc file of your public key is created
  3. open the file with TextEdit to see your public key in text form