GPG Mail can't decrypt message

Sometimes GPG Mail is unable to decrypt a message. The following steps will help you understand what is causing problems and how to resolve the situation.

In most cases the sender might not be using the correct public key to encrypt messages to you. This can happen when multiple keys for your email address exist. Another possibility is, that somehow your own secret key got lost. This can happen, if you transition to a new computer and forget to transfer your secret keys. We recommend to recover your secret keys from a backup, if you do have one.

What can you do to resolve this situation?

  1. Make sure you only have one valid key for your own email address in GPG Keychain
  2. Old keys should either be revoked or disabled
  3. We recommend to upload and verify your current key
  4. Inform your contact once you have verified your email address on the key server to search again for your email address and download your current key
  5. If you do not want to use the key server you can email your public key to your contact
  6. We recommend to verify and sign each others public keys