Renew, add or remove an expiration date of a key

By default new keys have an expiration date of 4 years.

That serves as a safety measure. Should you loose your secret key or password and find yourself in a situation where you are unable to revoke the key, the key then will expire at that date.

Renew expiration date of key

The expiration date can be modified. So even if your key already expired, there's no need to create a new key. You can update the expiration date:

  • open GPG Keychain
  • double click sec/pub key in question
  • in the key details on the first tab click 'Change'


Modify the date as desired:


Remind your contacts to refresh their keys. Your contacts will need to get your updated key from the key severs by refreshing their keys.

Renew expiration date of subkey

  • In the key details select the Subkeys tab
  • select the subkey for which you want to adjust the expiry date
  • click the cogwheel icon and select Change Expiration Date
  • modify the date as desired