What does the status indicator in GPGMail preferences tell me?

GPG status is a feature used in GPGMail. If you navigate to Mail.app > Settings > GPGMail you'll see a colored dot at the top, used to indicate if GPGMail is running fine. If you click the dot, this KB-article will show up for further info on how to fix a potential issue.

The color indicator has tree states:

Green: Everything is groovy. All systems are up and functional.


Red: MacGPG 2 was not found on your system. Without MacGPG you can not use OpenPGP, so in case of a red indicator, please re-install the latest GPG Suite.


Orange: GPG is not working as expected.


Here's what could potentially be going wrong:

  • Your gpg.conf might be broken. Please try renaming the gpg.conf to gpg.confOld. It's located at ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. Then try again.
  • Wrong access permissions to the files secring.gpg or pubring.gpg might cause trouble. Please run the latest GPG Suite.
  • Are you storing your keys on an external device like an USB-Stick or another mounted volume? Please mount that device and see if your problem persists after restarting Mail.app.