What does the status indicator in GPGMail preferences tell me?

GPG status is a feature used in GPGMail. If you navigate to Mail.app > Settings > GPGMail you'll see a colored dot at the top, used to indicate if GPGMail is running fine. If you click the dot, this KB-article will show up for further info on how to fix a potential issue.

The color indicator has tree states:

Green: Everything is groovy. All systems are up and functional.


Red: MacGPG 2 was not found on your system. Without MacGPG you can not use OpenPGP, so in case of a red indicator, please re-install the latest GPG Suite.


Orange: GPG is not working as expected.


Here's what could potentially be going wrong:

  • Your gpg.conf might be broken. Please try renaming the gpg.conf to gpg.confOld. It's located at ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. Then try again.
  • Wrong access permissions to the files secring.gpg or pubring.gpg might cause trouble. Please run the latest GPG Suite.
  • Are you storing your keys on an external device like an USB-Stick or another mounted volume? Please mount that device and see if your problem persists after restarting Mail.app.

Problem persisting?

In case none of the above solved your problem, please get in touch and we will help you out, fixing your setup. Open System Preferences > GPGPreferences / GPG Suite > Send Report and add as much detail as you can, optionally include the Debug Log, which will help a lot solving your problem.