What does the status bubble in GPGMail indicate?

GPG Mail shows a color indicator bubble in Mail > Settings > GPG Mail. Clicking the bubble opens this very KB-article. Any other color than green means user action is required and chances are high, GPG Mail is not operating as expected.

Groovy (green): all systems up and operational ✨

MacGPG 2 not found (red): Please reinstall GPG Suite ⬇️

GPG not working as expected (orange): Follow steps below ⚠️

The first step to resolve this, and this may sound like a clichee, is restarting your mac. Then open Mail and if the color indicator remains orange open System Settings > General > Login Items and ensure the following items are active:

  • fixGpgHome
  • GPGSuite_Updater
  • org-gpgtools.Libmacgpg
  • shutdown-gpg-agent

Should your problem persist open System Settings > GPG Suite > Send Report and describe your problem in as much detail as possible. Please include the Debug Log. We will then help you out getting your setup fixed.