GPG Mail Upgrader fails to activate GPG Mail

Are you running the latest version of GPG Suite?

The first step when running into issues enabling GPG Mail is to ensure you are running the latest version. Open the most recent release notes and compare that to the info in System Settings > GPG Suite > About. If the version you are running is outdated, please download and re-install the latest version of GPG Suite on your mac.

Upgrader failing to close Mail app

In some cases the GPG Mail Upgrader is launched after upgrading macOS but fails to complete and following re-try attempts fail as well.

The reason for this problem is that GPG Mail Upgrader fails to close Mail which is necessary to complete the upgrade. This could happen when there's still a dialog presented in macOS Mail.

To resolve this problem

  1. Close Mail app
  2. If GPG Mail Upgrader is still running, press retry
    2a. If it's no longer running, reboot macOS and it will launch shortly after reboot

GPG Mail Upgrader doesn't start automatically

To manually launch the GPG Mail Upgrader please follow these steps:

  1. Open Terminal (easiest to find via Spotlight, the loupe icon in menu bar)
  2. Copy the following command: /Library/Application\ Support/GPGTools/GPG\ Mail\\ Mail\ Upgrader -FromInstaller YES -Force YES and press enter
  3. Make sure Mail is closed
  4. Press Upgrade
  5. Launch Mail and check if Mail › Settings › GPG Mail is present

Upgrader still fails

If the upgrade still fails it is possible that you are running into a macOS permission bug.
For yet unknown reason macOS sometimes applies very restrictive permissions to the GPG Mail plug-in. This is known to happen when re-installing macOS (keeping user data), restoring a backup from TimeMachine or having run the macOS Migration Assistant recently.

Unfortunately this issue can only be fixed by temporarily disabling Apple's System Integrity Protection:

  1. Disable System Integrity Protection by following this guide:
  2. Once macOS has rebooted, open Finder
  3. Press CMD + SHIFT + G
  4. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Mail/Plug-ins/Bundles/Library/Mail/Bundles
  5. Delete GPGMailLoader_6.mailbundle
  6. Press CMD + SHIFT + G
  7. Type /Library/Application Support/GPGTools and press Enter
  8. Find GPG Mail and double click on it (not to be mistaken with GPG Suite Updater)
  9. Make sure Mail is closed
  10. Press Upgrade
  11. Launch Mail and check if Mail › Settings › GPG Mail is present
  12. Re-enable System Integrity Protection again (see Apple article from Step 1)

If none of the aforementioned steps work and the GPG Mail Upgrader still fails, please contact us via System Settings > GPG Suite > Contact Support or update your existing discussion if you had created a related one before reading this article.