Uninstall GPG Suite

Feedback and help

We're sad to see you leave the world of secure communication. Please share the reason you are looking to uninstall GPG Suite, just drop us a few lines via GPGPreferences > Send report. We'd appreaciated that. If you need assistance with a problem you are having using GPG Suite, please file a report via the same location and we will try to help you out.

1. Uninstall GPG Suite

If you still have the GPG Suite.dmg file, double click to mount. Then run the Uninstaller.


Or download only the uninstaller, unzip and run "Uninstall GPG Suite".

2. Uninstall GPGMail

If you need to temporarily disable GPGMail or want to uninstall only GPGMail:

  • close Mail.app
  • open finder
  • press ⇧⌘G and paste /Library/Mail/Bundles
  • if you do not see a GPGMail.mailbundle file, paste ~/Library/Mail/Bundles instead
  • move GPGMail.mailbundle to your desktop
  • restart Mail.app