How to contribute

You want to help? Great, let's work together to spread OpenPGP usage, ensuring more people on this planet can benefit from secure communication!

Help out new users

Our support process relies on enthusiastic contributors like you. Join the community and help out new users on our community support platform.


Contribute by making GPGMail and GPG Keychain available in your local language. Helping with localization is easy and an important step to tear down language barriers preventing OpenPGP usage. Create an account on Transifex and join a language team:

Be a proud OpenPGP user

You are using OpenPGP and have no other contact with an OpenPGP key? This all seems like wasted energy? Maybe you are a pioneer and this technology still needs a bit more time for broader adaption. The fact, that you are using this technology, should make you proud and there are various ways, to let others know about how great OpenPGP is:

  • sign outgoing mail: There's no real reason not to sign outgoing mail. Your friends can be sure, you are the actual author of the message they received. Also signing ensures, that the message has not been tampered with while in transit to the recipient. If your friends ask about that odd "signature.asc" attachment, you can explain that this is a signed mail and why signing mails is a great idea.
  • add your OpenPGP key to your website: it is a great way to share your public key and let others know that you are an active OpenPGP user
  • add your OpenPGP key's fingerprint to your mail signature another way to let others know you are an active OpenPGP user
  • sign your friends keys after verifying, they are legit
  • talk to others about OpenPGP - maybe they don't even know this technology exists. Direct OS X users to the GPG Suite Getting Started Tutorial and see this KB-article for Windows and Linux tutorials.

Let's make encrypted communication the new normal!

Testing and Quality Assurance

QA is one of the easiest ways to get started contributing to GPG Suite. It's also a great way to get familiar with our code and tools. Help us hunt down bugs and test the latest nightly build of GPG Suite.

Marketing and Evangelism

Help us spread the word about how our projects are building a better world. There are opportunities to promote GPG Suite to users, developers and students. Start today and convince a friend to setup mail encryption for save communication no matter which operating system they are using.