GPG Suite Wizard

Disclaimer: This is a new feature, which will be available once the licensed version of GPGMail is available to the public.

Our wizard will guide you through the setup process to get you started quickly and help you understand the usage concept of GPGMail.

After installing GPG Suite, the wizard will automatically open, once you start


Key Creation or selection

The first part allows you to either create a new key for your email address. Should you already have a key, you can also proceed without creating a new key.


Your mail address is taken from the accounts used in Enter your name and choose a good password. Make sure to store the password in a secure location.

In order to get started using OpenPGP, you need to retrieve the public keys of your friends you want to use encryption with. To simlify this process, this next step allows you, to search for pulic keys of all your friends in your address book.


'Allow Access' will initiate the key search. The wizard connects to the keyservers using an encrypted connection. Please allow a few seconds for this process to finish. The duration depends on the amount of contacts in your address book. Sit tight ...


... once search is finished, the wizard shows all contacts for which a public key was found.


Next steps

The final screen summarizes all actions that have happened. Wether you have created a new key or if an existing key was selected. And how many keys have been imported when search has found public keys for your friends email addresses.

To test your new encryption setup, you can click 'Test Mail' and a new encrypted and signed mail to your own email address is created. The body of that message includes detailed information about GPGMail usage - what buttons and indicators to look for when working with GPGMail. After receiving the test mail you should be able to read it's contents and the signature should be verified successfully.

Tell your friends is a great way of sharing the fact, that you have just joined the OpenPGP community. A new mail is created, that you can send to your friends, to share your new public key.

We've included a link to our forum, just in case any open questions remain.