Find public keys easily using the new key lookup

Disclaimer: This is a new feature, which will be available once the licensed version of GPGMail is available to the public.

When using GPGMail to encrypt a message to a recipient, it's necessary to already have the recipient's public key in the keyring.

Otherwise GPGMail will simply tell you, that there is no public key available and that you have to fetch it via GPG Keychain. This has always been a nuisance and made it harder, especially for novice users, to easily encrypt messages.

For a long time we have been thinking of how to best integrate public key lookup directly into Mail, when a recipient is entered, and finally found a solution.

Now when you type in an email address, GPGMail first checks if a matching public key is available in your key ring. If there's no matching public key to be found in your keyring, GPGMail will automatically search for one on a pgp key server and import it, if one is found.

If a public key is available, the tint color of the address overlay will be changed to green and a checkmark icon will be displayed next to it.


If it can not find one however, you will see a question mark icon next to the address overlay.


In that case, it is possible to manually search for a key on a key server.


We are really happy about this feature and believe it will greatly improve the user experience. It is not finished yet, but we hope it will be soon.