When will gpg work with Catalina

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30 Oct, 2019 05:24 PM

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  1. 1 Posted by Merril on 30 Oct, 2019 05:25 PM

    Merril's Avatar

    When will gpg be working with Catalina for MAC?

  2. 2 Posted by Rick on 04 Nov, 2019 03:27 AM

    Rick's Avatar

    Hi, I am also interested in when GPG will work with my mail again using Catalina.

  3. 3 Posted by Olof on 04 Nov, 2019 10:28 AM

    Olof's Avatar

    Hi, I am also waiting for the GPG version that will work with Catalina. For a few weeks now the GPG website says basically "coming soon". A concrete day would be highly appreciated.

  4. 4 Posted by beth on 04 Nov, 2019 01:39 PM

    beth's Avatar

    We may be losing business because of GPG inability to work with Catalina.
    When EXACTLY can we expect an update. We are working on it JUST isn't working.

    If you cannot give us an exact time, can you give us a solution that DOES NOT resemble that cluster of a solution you have given us. I am not a computer person and I will not be able to do whatever it is you want us to do as a work around.

    When. When. When.

  5. 5 Posted by beth on 04 Nov, 2019 01:42 PM

    beth's Avatar

    When. When. When.

    We are now may lose business because of the fact you cannot give us a solution.

    The solution you have given us is not a solution. It's appears to be a way to keep us busy while you work on a solution.

    Let us know. Give us an exact time. This is NOT a great look on a program that we have grown to rely on because of its reliability

  6. 6 Posted by Shaun on 06 Nov, 2019 10:37 AM

    Shaun's Avatar

    It would be great to hear if the update for Catalina will come soon, or when approximately it will make it to MAC OS Catalina? I love the GPG signature and encryption possibilities and miss it on each Catalina email I send.

  7. Support Staff 7 Posted by Steve on 12 Nov, 2019 03:18 AM

    Steve's Avatar

    Hi all,

    we wanted to get you up to date in regards to GPG Mail for macOS Catalina:

    GPG Suite 2019.2 is very close to being complete and ready for public release and here is Release Candidate 2 of GPG Suite 2019.2 including GPG Mail 4 which adds macOS 10.15 compatibility.

    Once GPG Suite 2019.2 is publically released, you will automatically be notified. Just make sure that update checks are enabled in System Preferences › GPG Suite.

    We are very sorry that this release took longer than we had anticipated.

    Kind regards,

  8. 8 Posted by Laura on 13 Nov, 2019 03:23 PM

    Laura 's Avatar

    I have paid for MacOS Support 2019. Why do I have to pay again?
    I'm confused. Especially because I couldn't use gpg for a long while now.

  9. 9 Posted by Phil on 13 Nov, 2019 03:42 PM

    Phil's Avatar

    The upgrade price was £12.26... paid!

    Ive been using your apps since 2012, yes I hate the fact its taken your weeks to get this right, but no one can argue with £12.26 ...

  10. 10 Posted by Phil on 13 Nov, 2019 03:43 PM

    Phil's Avatar


    £12 is a small price to pay for a seamless workflow.

  11. 11 Posted by beth waisner on 13 Nov, 2019 06:13 PM

    beth waisner's Avatar

    We have to pay Phil $12.26 to get the update?
    Help me out.
    I thought it was an automatic update.

  12. 12 Posted by Phil on 14 Nov, 2019 02:24 PM

    Phil's Avatar

    The reason you need to pay again is that its a new major release as detailed in the FAQ https://gpgtools.org/faq - this is nothing new.

  13. 13 Posted by Rafael on 14 Nov, 2019 09:47 PM

    Rafael's Avatar

    Dear all,

    Let me check if I understand what is going on. I have bought my support plan in August, 26 (less than 3 months ago). Then, Mac OS Catalina came in the end of October, 2 months after my purchase. Now, after 1 month waiting for the "coming soon" solution, someone is trying to tell me that I will have to buy it again?

    What if in 3 months there is the need to release a new major version? Will I have to purchase it again? Wouldn't it be easier to state that the license should be renewed every year and provide as many releases (major, minor or any other kind of release) are needed?

    From my side, I am sure that if I am required to pay again, after 2 months using and 1 month waiting, I will pay for an other tool.

  14. 14 Posted by Phil on 14 Nov, 2019 09:53 PM

    Phil's Avatar

    @Rafael - you are correct. Those were the terms you agreed to when you paid. This should be of no surprise to you at all. The terms have not changed.

    There are no other tools to "buy" that integrate with Mac Mail. Else we would all be using them.

  15. 15 Posted by Rafael Batista on 14 Nov, 2019 10:20 PM

    Rafael Batista's Avatar


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Indeed, the terms are there. I have just checked the FAQ. That is the reason I did not tell that I would suit you, require my money back or something similar, as the terms were there from the beginning.

    That said, it is still my right to think that these are not good terms, although they are there (and were there from the beginning). I have used the tool for 2 months, I am waiting 1 other month for the update and only 2 days ago it was said that this would be a paid update.

    You have said that "£12 is a small price to pay for a seamless workflow”. Well, I do not agree. £12 is not a small price (you see, I am not British, so I have a currency exchange rate to deal with) and the workflow is not that seamless, as we are waiting a month to have only a release candidate.

    As a customer, I have the choice to change to another tool when I do think that the current one do not have the best terms. And that is exactly what I will do. I will look for another tool that meets my needs. It does not mater to me if you folks consider your tool the best or the only one. And, if you are really the only one, this episode will probably make room for a competitor.

    I wish you good luck in your journey.

    Best regards from an ex-customer.


  16. 16 Posted by Phil on 14 Nov, 2019 10:28 PM

    Phil's Avatar

    @Rafael - You seem to think I talk for this project and I am talking in an official capacity. I am not. I am just a paying customer like you. I paid £12, but the actual price is converted for you/me before paying, so you dont need to worry about currency conversion.

    The fact is, there is only ONE tool, this one, that integrates to Mac Mail like it does (obviously GPG can be done by command line and loads of other apps.) and no other competitor has yet attempted to recreate this project - probably because its a difficult thing to do.

    If you want Email with GPG and dont want to pay, you can use Thunderbird Mail and EngMail plugin. It feels old, clunky, and slow compared to Mac Mail, but some people love it.

    or, you can chill the heck out, and just do like I did. Map a keyboard shortcut to "Decrypt selection in a new window" service (CMD+d for me) and then in mail highlight your encrypted email and plress the shortcut to decrypt... simple... and still "using what you feel you paid for"

    If you think you can reverse engineer mac mail faster than these guys - go for it.. I'll happily pay you my £12 each release...

  17. 17 Posted by Rafael Batista on 14 Nov, 2019 11:44 PM

    Rafael Batista's Avatar


    Indeed, I though you were talking for this project. I apologise for that.

    But I am still not happy with them.


  18. 18 Posted by Walter on 15 Nov, 2019 02:57 PM

    Walter's Avatar

    I'd have no problem paying 12, 20 or 50 bucks for this. What drives me crazy is that it does not work until now. The RC2 does nothing - Apple Mail still tells me, it has deactivated the plugin, even if I reactivate it again, ist remains deactivated. Me idiot and in despair installed it a second time. How beautiful, now I have TWO plugins that don't work.
    YES ist is MY failure, that I did not check before upgrading my E-Mail-Mac but I am now basically blind and deaf for WEEKS now sine I can not communicate with anyone - in my inbox I have dozens of mails, which I can somehow read when I decrypt it with the basic gpg commands but I can not reply.

    Do commercial developers not get pre release Versions of macOS X to AHEAD adapt their tools BEFORE public release of the new OS X version?

    Please, take my money, but DELIVER the good in tme.

  19. 19 Posted by Phil on 15 Nov, 2019 02:58 PM

    Phil's Avatar


    I can confirm RC2 is working well on my mac... and my other mac and my laptop and my daughters mac

    Maybe try uninstalling completely (after backing up your keys) ?

  20. 20 Posted by Maik on 15 Nov, 2019 03:27 PM

    Maik's Avatar

    Same here. RC2 works on macOS 10.15.1.

  21. 21 Posted by Walter on 15 Nov, 2019 03:30 PM

    Walter's Avatar

    ok. thank's guys; currently I am installing the newest Update for Catalina; if that doesn't help, I'm going to unistall/install it.
    Regarding backups: I am living the "no backup, no sympathy" principle :-)

  22. 22 Posted by Walter on 15 Nov, 2019 04:07 PM

    Walter's Avatar

    No chance.
    Uninstall did not remove the second "GPGMailLoader_2.mailbundle"
    Reinstall did change nothing. Whenever I go to the preferences -> plugins in Mail the plugin remains unchecked.
    Encrypted mails only show the sadness of unreadable Attachments.

    So, what's left is me waiting for the release version, so that one comes this year or at least before High Catalina... and after this drama I will never never never ever ugrade to a new OS X on my Mail Mac before checking the availability of this plugin.

    It is a pitty that Apple does not include PGP support in Apple Mail off shelf; it is furhtermore a pitty that THIS ist the ONLY usable product and this monopol basically results in this pitty that the makers of this software can do or in this case NOT DO whatever they want, knowing that we do not have anywhere left to go.

    What a world. Freedom tastes differently.

  23. 23 Posted by Piter on 15 Nov, 2019 08:01 PM

    Piter's Avatar

    MacOS Catalina. Confirmed The RC2 works fine.

  24. 24 Posted by Walter on 16 Nov, 2019 07:52 AM

    Walter's Avatar

    This comment was split into a new private discussion: When will gpg work with Catalina

    For the records: It is relaxing, that it seems to work for many; my Mai Mac denies it.
    Even the actual Version (installed it a few Minutes before) shows this symptom. I have this damn
    GPGMailLoader_2.mailbundle in Preferences -> Plugins
    When I check the checkbox, it becomes unchecked the next time I look and encrypted mails do not decrypt, short: it does not work on my Mail Mac.

    This is the end of mail encryption for me.
    I followed th hint to delte the Bundle in Mail under the /Library folder, installed PGPTools ... nothing. The plugin remains unchecked, enxrypted mails remain encrypted, nothing works ... ah, I'm moaning.

    Thanks to all who tried to help. Farewell.

  25. 25 Posted by Walter on 16 Nov, 2019 09:40 PM

    Walter's Avatar

    I bought a new MacBook Air. Reinstall till now... newest GPGtools, new payment for Catalina, re-import Keys: Enc/Decryption work now.
    Can confirm now that GPGtools work flawless. Will trash the old Mail Mac now.

  26. 26 Posted by Olof on 17 Nov, 2019 11:23 AM

    Olof's Avatar


    I have been trying to find where to get this RC2 release that some of you are talking about, bur I couldn’t.

    Can any of you please provide a link?. Even if it has bugs, is better than what i have now: nothing.

    Thanks a lot,

  27. 27 Posted by Sebastian on 17 Nov, 2019 11:47 AM

    Sebastian's Avatar

    @olof you can find the staple Version of 2019.2 here


    in a few days you can get it as an normal Update by checking over the preferences

  28. 28 Posted by Sebastian on 17 Nov, 2019 11:50 AM

    Sebastian's Avatar

    important: to use it with the mail app of catalina a new Support plan is needed. There is an upgrade price that is cheaper than a new plan. it will automatically be displayed to you

  29. Support Staff 29 Posted by Steve on 19 Nov, 2019 11:00 PM

    Steve's Avatar

    @Walter: Excuse the slow response - sorry to hear you are running into issues with your old mac. I don't think you need to trash your old mac. If you are still running into trouble using GPG Mail on your old mac, please open a new discussion via System Preferences > GPG Suite > Send Report and include a debug log and we will help you get your setup right. This public discussion with many followers is not a good place to debug potentially complex issues with your system and exchange debug info.

    @Sebastian: thanks for chiming in.

    @all: I will close this discussion as GPG Suite 2019.2 provides compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina and that was, what this discussion is about.

    That version is available from https://gpgtools.org - automatic updates will follow.

    Should you be running into issues with 2019.2 or have any questions you are welcome to open a new discussion any time.

    Thanks and all the best,

  30. Steve closed this discussion on 19 Nov, 2019 11:00 PM.

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